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I want to capture the essence in a moment of life; those subtle movements which can get lost within the beauty of nature.


When the sense of desolation sets in and I feel the need to quench my mental thirst, visions of flowing river or tidal waves from the vast ocean and the sun’s reflections of vitality brings forth a vibrant new life.


I’ve created a harmony of nature through combining contrasting images such as realistic depictions of trees and forests reflecting on the water, coming in unison with abstract images of tiny insects, combining three dimensional realism with flat and simplified portrayal. Not only do I want to capture a specific moment onto the canvas but I also want to emphasize the importance of the roles that these subjects play in the environment.


I immerse myself in my imagination and with this, I want to detach myself from life’s contrived momentum, tragedies, and ecstasy and reach deep within the fundamental issues of nature and life with a free and conscious mind. I want to dive into the depths of my soul and reflect it onto the water, the source of life, the vital element that satiates all.

Artist Statement

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